Kayla Marshall

Hey, there! My name is Kayla! I’m a born-and-raised California girl becoming a Georgia peach. I married my favorite fella and we have two fierce little ladies. I’ve got a pretty unhealthy Disney obsession and love to visit the parks as often as possible. If I’m not binge-watching something on Netflix, you can probably find me at Target. I also enjoy filling up an Anthropologie cart only to exit the app before hitting “pay now”. I believe every home should be filled with flowers, antiques, and photographs.

To be honest, I didn’t set out to become a photographer. It wasn't a lifetime dream fulfilled. It really started around the time my first daughter was born. I loved photographing my family through this adventure called life. I had friends and family telling me how much they adored my photos and even had enquiries to photograph events and people. The problem was I was just an iPhoneographer (as I liked to call myself) at the time. I didn’t have a camera, nor did I even know how to use one. It really was the encouragement from others that made me pick one up!

I’m so thankful I did. I’ve enjoyed learning and exploring the art of photography. While I love to photograph all kinds of people, my favorite subject to photograph has to be families. As difficult as it can be to photograph children, (am I right?!) I really love it. When I can capture that perfect moment that makes you look at your darling little babe and remember why this whole mommin’ thing is all worth it, I’ve done my job! I’d like to think I’m an expert in capturing sweetness. That feeling when you hold your baby for the first time, that moment when you know what love at first sight means and all the moments that follow. I believe that is true magic and I’d be honored to capture your magic!

Photos by  Danae Smalley .

Photos by Danae Smalley.