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Where Flora Meets Fauna

I know some may be curious as to where my business name came from. Maybe wondering what it means to me. The name Flora and Fauna first came around when I was making floral wire ears for Disney folks, and I named my shop Flora and Fauna for two reasons. One, because two of the three fairies in Sleeping Beauty are named Flora and Fauna and Two, because flora:flowers, fauna:animals (mouse ears...) Get it? Anyway, the more I thought about the name, the more I realized Flora and Fauna, by definition, are basically my daughters.

Evangeline is my Flora. She is sweet like a flower. She always has a kind word to say about anyone. She's colorful, thoughtful and sensitive. She's always singing and loves music. She likes coming up with ways to make people joyful, and is always concerned when someone cries. She colors in the lines, literally and figuratively. She's a dreamer and sees things through rose colored lenses.

Uriah is my Fauna. She is wild like an animal. She is strong-willed, and carefree but also intuitive and cautious. She knows what she wants and makes no apologies before getting it. She is tough, assertive and bold. She feels all the feels with passion. She's protective with a huge heart that loves just as fiercely as all of that.

My girls are not one bit the same, and it's perfect. They're sugar and spice, sun and moon, country and city, autumn and spring, flora and fauna.

The best part about having daughters is everything I learn from them. They make me want to become the woman I hope they'll be. They teach me how to be kind, but they also teach me how to be bold. I want to see the good in others like Evangeline, and I want to live wild and free like Uriah. When I thought about myself and where I lie on the divide. I could easily say I am a Flora. Empathetic, sensitive, safe, people pleaser, dreamer. But the older I get, the more fauna-like I become. I'm passionate and intuitive, and protective and brave. I am entering into an in-between. Where Flora meets Fauna.